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Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Jacksonville QuiltFest Show

We were first-time vendors at the Jacksonville QuiltFest Show this weekend.  It was the best quilt show I had seen in quite a while.  The quilts were of high quality with fine workmanship and there was a nice variety of quilt styles--traditional, modern, fiber art and miniature.

These were my favorites:

(The artist's name and quilt information is with each set of photos)

 This quilt was outstanding and it was my overall favorite of the show.  This piece did not win a ribbon, but a similar quilt by the same artist (shown at the bottom of this page) won a ribbon.

The owl wall hanging below was Bill's favorite piece and I loved it too.  The wings had, I believe, actual owl feathers.  Wonderful!

Patricia Styring's smaller quilt, below,  won a ribbon.  Her style is quite appealing and her quilts give the viewer plenty of eye candy to discover.

 Other favorites...



  1. Fun to see the quilts and who made them. There were some hard decisions in many cases, as you said there were some beautiful quilts in that show. Mad

  2. I can't imagine deciding between all of those quilts, Madeline.